What if I Don't See Any Invoices Listed to Pay?

If you do not see any invoices to pay, it could be because you have not yet added the appropriate account to your portal. Use the steps below to add a new account.

Steps to add a new account to your portal:

  1. In order to complete these steps, you will need to have the Invoice for the Account you would like to add to the portal.
  2. Log into the portal with your Username and Password. Click Here if you need help setting up your account.
  3. In the top right corner, you will see your name. Select the drop down and select “Add an Account”
  4. On your invoice for the new Account, copy the Client Number
  5. Back in the portal, enter the Client Number, and if you have an invoice number and see a field for Invoice Number, enter that in the respective field as well. 
  6. Once linked, when viewing the “Invoices” tab, the new Account’s associated unpaid invoices will appear in the list of all invoices.